Adobe Audition 2021

Adobe Audition 2021 Crack is a powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software for creating (recording), editing, mixing, and completing sounds that you can download from Mazterize.Net. This program provides comprehensive softwares for creating, editing, and blending audio content. It’s intended to speed up video production workflows, such as multitrack, waveform, and spectral display. Adobe Audition…

Microsoft: Next Version Of Windows Is Going To Launch On 24th June

Recently it was heard that Microsoft has come up with some considerable changes in Windows 10. Although there is not something locked yet, it is expected that some new additions might be made in windows 10. Advancement For Windows 10 However, there are not many details about this advancement on Microsoft Official website. Windows invites…

New Features In Android 12

Google has come up with several new Android 12 that range from privacy controls to a whole new look. Google has brought a massive change with different aspects providing a new notification experience and a new design language. It has also enhanced several more privacy controls, and advancements in insecurity have been made. Updating the…

Best Sites To Convert From YouTube To Mp4

September 10, 2021

YouTube is a social media entertainment platform that offers videos in all categories. YouTube is standard among people of all ages as it works in broad types which entertain everyone.

YouTube also works as an earning platform through which most content creators are working across the globe. People watching videos on YouTube must have an internet connection, and this is when people wish to watch videos offline by downloading them to their devices.

Unfortunately, YouTube does not offer a download option for all the videos, and this is when video converters have captured a significant market on the internet.

When we look over the internet, there are plenty of options to convert youtube videos into Mp4. But you have to decide on the best ones as all of them do not provide authentic results. Some of the converters might install viruses, or others might provide some unwanted links, and in the end, you have not converted the video. So it is essential to select wisely which convertor you want from your device and then start.

YouTube To MP4 Best Sites:

These are some of the converters which the users mostly use. Although every converter can convert the video in any format, these are specific ones for any particular form. The decision is up to you to select the best convertor that does not affect your device and provides the converted video per your requirement.

Microsoft: Next Version Of Windows Is Going To Launch On 24th June

June 4, 2021

Recently it was heard that Microsoft has come up with some considerable changes in Windows 10. Although there is not something locked yet, it is expected that some new additions might be made in windows 10.

Advancement For Windows 10

However, there are not many details about this advancement on Microsoft Official website. Windows invites its users to its webpage on the provided data and time to check the new update and benefit the user.

The time and date mentioned are 11 am on 24th June. Although Microsoft has still not provided any concrete information about the change, yes, there is a new version of windows on your way.

To get the authentic information, we might tune in to the webpage on the date and time mentioned. It is rumored that it might be about Sun Valley, but it could be wrong as well. These are just predictions.

Microsoft has introduced an event for its users on 24th June on which the new windows version would be updated. Users curious about what new advancement this new version will bring might tune in to Microsoft’s official page on 24th June.

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New Features In Android 12

June 1, 2021

Google has come up with several new Android 12 that range from privacy controls to a whole new look. Google has brought a massive change with different aspects providing a new notification experience and a new design language. It has also enhanced several more privacy controls, and advancements in insecurity have been made.

Updating the personalization factor and linking with other devices of Android 12 for a better user experience. There are various new advancements in Android 12 that have created a whole new look.

Material You

It is the first time Google has launched Material You design language known to be the most significant design change. This design language enables you to have a whole new look on your mobile with bold new colors of the icons. Material Your design language does not stop here. It is expected to come up with more advancements in the future.

Wallpaper Based Theme

Wallpaper-based themes allow you to look at your mobile as per your mobile wallpaper. The operating system automatically collects colors from your wallpaper and then display its shade as a theme in different aspects of your mobile, which includes;

  • Notification shade
  • Lock screen
  • Column controls
  • Widgets

Advanced System Animations

Google has also developed new system animations in Android 12, which has improved battery, performance, and responsiveness. CPU time for performing any action has been reduced to 22%. At the same time, the usage of more high-performance applications has reduced up to 15%.

Redesigned Widgets

Google has now given a new design to its widgets in Android 12. All of the widgets have flat icons and rounded edges. It also displays the color that matches the wallpaper of your mobile phone. Google has also come up with a new communication widget which has made communicating an easy process.

Redesigned Notifications

With the advancement in the design language, Material You, the notification panel has also advanced itself with a shade, quick panel settings, and the power menu. The quick setting enables you to get smart home controls, which lets you quickly control your home with advanced features.

Advanced Privacy Dashboard

Google has also included an advanced privacy dashboard in Android 12. It allows you to adjust the majority of the permission settings and displays new information about any application installed through notifications.

Android Tv Integration

Google has advanced its operating system that enables you to connect through your Android Tv, allowing you to enter text through your mobile phone in your Android Tv. You can also use a microphone to search for a Tv show or movie.

Overall, Android 12 adds up to significant updates in operating systems, which will help most users and grab users’ attention.

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How To Install Plugins FL Studio 20?

May 28, 2021

What Are FL Studio Plugins

Plugins are a form of tool used to produce audio. It comes under an affordable device that is specialized in running on multiple channels simultaneously. FL studio plugin divides the plugins into two categories which are Effects and Generators. As soon as the plugin is scanned, and can view it through the plugin database from where you can drag and put it in the channel rack.

How To Install Plug-In FL Studio 20

Installing process is inclusive of some steps, which are as follows;

  • As soon as you have downloaded your file, keep it in the installation process. Make sure that you know where you have saved your file.
  • Open “FL Studio.”
  • Click to “Add” to add more plugins.
  • Select ” Manage Plugins.”
  • Ensure that the saved folder falls under “Plugin Search paths.”
  • If it is not there, add by clicking on the + sign, and then select “Verify Plugins.”
  • As soon as the scanning is completed, you can look for your plugin.
  • Your plugin would be displayed under the “ADD” column in the toolbar.

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How To Install Pocket Doors?

May 27, 2021

Pocket doors allow you to quickly move from one room to another, as these are made into the walls, which disappear with the wall. You can also call them sliding doors.

Pocket doors give you a beautiful structure of your house, but it requires a lot of hard work. Instead of hiring a contractor, you can install a pocket door by following these few steps.

Space For Your Pocket Door

  • This process includes a few steps, which are as follows:
  • Purchase a pocket door kit from the hardware shop and ensure that it includes a door, studs that will fix the door, a track on which the doors are fitted in the wall.
  • Secondly, check the wall, making sure that the walls are not weak. The items to check are whether the wall has wiring behind it.
  • If you install a Pocket door and there is already a door present, you must remove the previous one. Cut the hinges through which the door is attached and remove the door frame.
  • Remove the drywall, and ensure that you are not missing any obstacle. Remove it a few inches above the header.
  • If you don’t want to spoil your wall, mark the stud holes as it would be enough to pass the Pocket door through it.

Assembling The Pocket Door

This process includes a few steps, which are as follows;

  1. You must be requiring a new header for this door as the height would be changed. Doing this would require a saw and stud finder, as it will help you mark the extra height, through this cut the door.
  2. Also, cut the nails on your door and then determine the door’s height.
  3. Moving towards the second step, which allows you to install the sliding track.
  4. This would be available in your pocket door kit as it will help the door slide along the railings. Would fit these railings by using the screw and then drilling them onto the upper and lower sides.
  5. At last, now you may add the hardware and the Pocket door to the sliding track. After this, ensure that the door is sliding easily without any breaks. It is how a pocket door will work. Also, check if the door is balanced or not.


This process is inclusive of some basic steps, which are;

  • Replace the drywall you removed in the beginning as the door will slide into it. This part will require some screws and adhesive to fix the drywall properly.
  • You must be given some latches with your door kit. Attach some of the latches to the door and some of them to the wall.
  • Paint the drywall as all the walls of your room.
  • That’s it. Your pocket door is now installed.

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How to Recover Account?

November 20, 2020

We will discuss how to recover a account in case someone forgets their password. For this purpose, you must have your phone available with you as you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on it. It happens with all of us. In this mega-tech world, with all those accounts and passwords, we sometimes forget what our password is, and we may get locked out of our accounts.

But fret not, and we say this because, in this situation, people are often worried, and start searching here and there to get some help. But they do not need to worry about it because Hotmail provides the process steps for recovering their accounts.

If you don’t know the process of account recovery, then we have bundled the process flow for you and kept it as easy as we could. Just follow the instructions which are illustrated below and get your account recovered.

  1. First, you have to go to the hotmail password reset page through the web browser.
  2. Now select the ‘I forgot my password. option and click on next. 
  3. On the next page, enter your email phone number or Skype name, etc. 
  4. On the same page, you will see some characters verification code, enter the characters you see to verify, and click on next.
  5. After this, you need to verify your identity. Hotmail will ask you how you would like to get your security code, i.e., via email or phone number. Select your preference. 
  6. If you select a phone number, then they will send a security code on your message inbox which is usually six digits. Enter the code to verify your identity. Click next. 
  7. The password creation page will be open. Now create your new password which should be strong in alphanumeric. 
  8. Lastly, re-enter the password in the text field and click on next. 

By applying the above steps carefully, you will get your password recovered, and you can log-in to your account with the new password. If all the above steps are not beneficial for you then you just make an instant call to customer support in other words the user can get their account recovered through Microsoft’s account reinstatement page which is easily accessible on the google search. There you will only need to put your relevant account details and the Microsoft support team will contact you for your account recovery. 

TamilRockers Reviews – Watch Free Movies on TamilRockers

November 20, 2020

The Indian film industry is a very huge movie industry across the world, they have a huge user base but not all of the users can go and watch movies in a theater and they have to wait till the movie is available on the internet or TV channels.

Do you also love to watch Indian movies and can’t wait to watch them we are recommending you an Indian movie torrent site ” Tamil Rockers”?

This is the best torrent site for Indian movies as they provide all the latest released movies in high quality within a few hours after their release.

What is TamilRockers?

Tamil rocker was founded in 2011 as a bootleg recording network but after a while, this website appeared as a torrent website that has a list of torrent files and provides magnet links to access torrent and facilitate peer to peer sharing through BitTorrent protocol.

This website provides you access to all the latest released movies, TV shows, web series, music videos for free, you can also watch latest released Hollywood movies there in original as well as in dubbed language like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and other regional languages of India.

As a pirated website this website is banned in India, but you don’t have to be worried about the availability of this website as it has more than 11 mirror links or clone sites and it moves its domain address among these sites often to avoid getting banned.

Why Tamil Rockers is Famous?

This website has a very huge user base, this website is also ranked by Alexa as a famous website and Torrent Freak’s ranked this website among the top 10 torrent sites IN 2020. TAMIL ROCKER keyword is searched for more than 1 million to 10 million times a day on google. Now the question is why this site is this famous?

The answer to your question is:

  1. They provide all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian movies, web series, music, and videos, etc. on the same day of their release on their site even in high quality and for free.
  2. They provide high-quality content like a paid entertainment website.
  3. You can download movies and videos from there without being worried about malware or any virus harming your computer.
  4. They have a very well managed website and a user-friendly interface that makes the use of their website easier.
  5. They host virus-free links
  6. No registration is required to download your desired videos.

TamilRockers Alternatives to Watch Online Movies:

  1. MrPiracy – (
  2. Spacemov – (
  3. FMovies
  4. Gledalica filmova
  5. SolarMovies
  6. M4ufree – (
  7. Putlocker

Is Tamil Rocker legal?

If you are wondering about the legality of this website and want to know is that legal to use this website? The answer to your question is that this is a pirated website and a proxy to access copyrighted content. This website is not illegal and banned by Indian government.

As this website is a pirated website and has the tendency to release all the latest movie on their site after few hours of their original release, it is considered as a major piracy threat in India, even in 2018 and 2019 many of the members of this site was arrested by Indian government.

If you don’t want to pay for the ridiculously high theater tickets and still want to use this site for accessing the latest released movies you can use VPN to avoid legal problems.

Is Tamil Rocker safe to use?

If you are wondering that is this website a scam or legit then According to the review of “SCAM ADVISER” this website can be a scam site as their contact details are hidden, the owner’s name is hidden so the trust score of this website is low.

But if you are wondering about the fact that, if this website host any malware or harmful viruses than according to many reviews and user surveys this website is safe to use and contain no viruses.  They host virus-free links and videos.

This website is a very famous torrent site that provides you links for almost all the latest released movies and TV shows but as being a pirated website it is not legal so you should use VPN to avoid legal problems while using this site.