New Features In Android 12

Google has come up with several new Android 12 that range from privacy controls to a whole new look. Google has brought a massive change with different aspects providing a new notification experience and a new design language. It has also enhanced several more privacy controls, and advancements in insecurity have been made.

Updating the personalization factor and linking with other devices of Android 12 for a better user experience. There are various new advancements in Android 12 that have created a whole new look.

Material You

It is the first time Google has launched Material You design language known to be the most significant design change. This design language enables you to have a whole new look on your mobile with bold new colors of the icons. Material Your design language does not stop here. It is expected to come up with more advancements in the future.

Wallpaper Based Theme

Wallpaper-based themes allow you to look at your mobile as per your mobile wallpaper. The operating system automatically collects colors from your wallpaper and then display its shade as a theme in different aspects of your mobile, which includes;

  • Notification shade
  • Lock screen
  • Column controls
  • Widgets

Advanced System Animations

Google has also developed new system animations in Android 12, which has improved battery, performance, and responsiveness. CPU time for performing any action has been reduced to 22%. At the same time, the usage of more high-performance applications has reduced up to 15%.

Redesigned Widgets

Google has now given a new design to its widgets in Android 12. All of the widgets have flat icons and rounded edges. It also displays the color that matches the wallpaper of your mobile phone. Google has also come up with a new communication widget which has made communicating an easy process.

Redesigned Notifications

With the advancement in the design language, Material You, the notification panel has also advanced itself with a shade, quick panel settings, and the power menu. The quick setting enables you to get smart home controls, which lets you quickly control your home with advanced features.

Advanced Privacy Dashboard

Google has also included an advanced privacy dashboard in Android 12. It allows you to adjust the majority of the permission settings and displays new information about any application installed through notifications.

Android Tv Integration

Google has advanced its operating system that enables you to connect through your Android Tv, allowing you to enter text through your mobile phone in your Android Tv. You can also use a microphone to search for a Tv show or movie.

Overall, Android 12 adds up to significant updates in operating systems, which will help most users and grab users’ attention.

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