Microsoft: Next Version Of Windows Is Going To Launch On 24th June

Recently it was heard that Microsoft has come up with some considerable changes in Windows 10. Although there is not something locked yet, it is expected that some new additions might be made in windows 10.

Advancement For Windows 10

However, there are not many details about this advancement on Microsoft Official website. Windows invites its users to its webpage on the provided data and time to check the new update and benefit the user.

The time and date mentioned are 11 am on 24th June. Although Microsoft has still not provided any concrete information about the change, yes, there is a new version of windows on your way.

To get the authentic information, we might tune in to the webpage on the date and time mentioned. It is rumored that it might be about Sun Valley, but it could be wrong as well. These are just predictions.

Microsoft has introduced an event for its users on 24th June on which the new windows version would be updated. Users curious about what new advancement this new version will bring might tune in to Microsoft’s official page on 24th June.

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